Outstanding Leadership

Consistently effective leadership is key to implementing organisational strategy, fostering an environment that supports change and transformation, and sustaining high performance teams. Outstanding Leadership is difficult to define in a ‘one size fits all’ definition. Nevertheless there are key qualities that define an outstanding leader.

Firstly, an outstanding leader understands the interdependency of looking to the future as well as understanding current needs of an organisation and embodies both ‘management’ and ‘leadership’. People are the route to successful performance and an outstanding leader understands that outcomes such as productivity, quality, innovation and great customer care are all achieved by engaging with others, developing them, building confidence and trust and building leadership capacity

Finally, outstanding leadership can only occur if leaders act consciously and understand that their contribution centres around their impact on others

"The new Fire Service will need excellent leaders, able to tackle poor management and to inspire ambitious performance. In turn they will need to be given good support” - (Bain, Lyons & Young, 2002, p.64)

Why is Outstanding Leadership important?

What are the benefits in the context of large, complex organisations that deliver at a local community level?
  • Fosters trust
  • Promotes effective team work
  • Increases motivation
  • Promotes the sharing of knowledge and ideas
  • Encourages employer engagement
  • Provides more flexibility
  • Supports responsive decision making
  • Succession planning through the identification of future leaders
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