Brigade Manager

Brigade Manager

Brigade Managers are the most senior managers in the Fire and Rescue Service. The title ‘Brigade Manager’ covers the roles within the Fire and Rescue Service. These roles may vary due to the size and management structure of each service.

  • Chief Fire Officer – leads the service
  • Deputy Chief Fire Officer – leads a directorate within the service and deputises for the Chief Fire Officer
  • Assistant Chief Fire Officer – leads a directorate

At other times their role is to provide leadership of the local fire and rescue service by:

  • Creating a vision and setting an overall strategy for the service
  • Identifying, securing and managing resources
  • Reviewing the operating environments and the service delivered
  • Creating a culture that supports and values people
  • Monitoring the activities of the service
  • Accessing key information

In the case of serious large-scale incidents, Brigade Managers represent the Fire and Rescue Services when coordinating a multi agency response.

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